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The mob divide!


Get on your saddles because you will be in the mob divide. BANG goes the gun and off with the race because now begins the adventures chase. But all in a flash the creepers go boom reaching there faith and doom. 92 riders go over the mountainside the spiders go down into the oceans.82 riders in the mines they ride but 10 iron golems are left behind.72 riders go to the ice and slip and slide but 10 stupid zombies lose there race. 62 rides up the lava canions they go but 10 silly skeliotons trip and fall and down they go. 51 riders through the jungle they ride  the adventure for the mod divide.Out come the witches to seek and to play and throw deadly poshins to wipe out the zombie pig men for a diplay. Out to the jungle temple they go.Arrows fire and the ender dragons go slow.In the portalthey go to the haunted nether. Because there is so much lava the withers go down and burn to death.So that leaves steve,herobrine and the big and fat and lazy cow. Next thing you know a big and giant dimond pick axe falls from the sky and just at that moment herobrine has died. Now it is steve vs the big fat and lazy cow. Just then steve trips and the big and fat and lazy cow crosses the line and wins the great mob divide.

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“The mob divide!”

  1. March 22nd, 2014 at 9:03 pm      Reply anton2013 Says:

    hey fez like the rythme I think that there a new animal called the tiger so if you want our animals to be identical look on my site and see what I have done anton

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