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Maths mate term 1 sheet 1 #24


Maths mate term 1 sheet 2 problem# 24 Question: 45-_ +20=28 Predict: I think this is going to be a number problem and I’m going to use mostly subtraction and not so much addition Clarify: There is nothing for me to clarify because I know it fully. Solution: 1.The first thing I did was find […]

100 WC #23


…Pushing through the Earth… My arms were sore, my hands were numb and my legs couldn’t hold my weight any longer. I am mining for gold just off Bendigo and no luck has come to anyone. All I have found is rocks dirt and a bit of coal. My hole is 2 meters deep. I […]

Maths Mate sheet 1 term 1 problem


Question 24: Fill in the missing number. 13+_+35=80 Predict: I think that this is a number problem. I predict I will have to use addition and subtraction. Clarify: The blank box means that you need to write the answer in. Solution: 1. Add 13 and 35 together. The answer is 48 2. Subtract 48 from […]

100WC Week#21


Meeting were held across the country to find an answer In the open rock lands as I was staring up I saw a light coming towards the surface. It was coming closer and closer and closer until it landed with a huge thump. As it hit the ground it pushed me back a meter or […]

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