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100WC Week#30


…and when I opened the cupboard door… I was lying on the couch before I heard the noise but when I had reach the kitchen that’s when I started to hear the thumping sound. I walked slowly towards it as if I was a Cheeter crawling up to its prey. The noise got louder the […]

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 1 Question#24


Question: Eight school friends gave each other Valentine’s day cards. How many cards were exchanged? Predict: I predict that I will have to use some multiplication and some of my prior knowledge. Solution: 1.) First I knew to try and find out how many cards there are between all of the friends. 2.) There were […]

Spelling Week#10


Activity one: Write a paragraph using 5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to the reader; remember word choice as a trait to embellish your paragraph. I murmured to my landlord quietly because I was at a risk of getting caught. I said to him that I needed someone to help me because the security […]


100WC Week#28


… I thorght I had enough time… As I herd the alarm ring I got straight out of bed and went to look at the time. It turned out that I had over an hour before I even had to get ready. I have plenty of time. I thought that I should just take it […]

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