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100WC Week#34


Here I was sitting in the darkness with only the moonlight allowing me to see. I ran away from home when I was 8 and I still have no place to go. Where could I go. I could be off  living in the hottest dessert or sail may boat in the coldest seas. I could […]

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 5 Question#23


Question: Mike and Anna have 20 stamps altogether. Mike has 4 more stamps than Anna. How many stamps dose Anna have? Predict: I think that I will have to use some of my wording problem strategies like work backwards and test all possibilities. Clarify: Nothing to clarify. Solution: 1.) The first thing I did was […]

100WC Week#3


Lucy needs to go to school because all girls need and want to get a good education. Girls are not just for cleaning the house and doing the laundry and stuff like that. It is not fair how girls here get a good education and girls in Africa and Asia do not. These people are […]

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 4 Question#24


Question: Each person in our class was asked to select two different days of the week for farm duty. Students could choose Saturday and Monday or Thursday and Friday and so on. How many different combination are possible? Predict: I think that I will have to do some strategies that I did in the last […]

100WC Week#32


The voice in my dream was very faint so it was hard to hear. I think it was saying that the mility was on a plan to create another war and you were going to be a part of it. I do not think it ment this but it could be true. The voice sounded […]

Spelling Term 1 Week 3 ,


Activity 1: Write your own definitions of  the 5 list words I have given you. Use an example in each definition. Experiment: Combining things together to create something new or to help discover different things like objects and elements. Viscosity: A way of measuring how runny and not runny liquids can be. Hydrogen: A flammable […]

100WC Week#31


The victim did not move one tiny little inch or centremeter. He lay there sprawled on his back, there was no life left in the victim. We have had countless people come in to explane there theories of what they think has happened but none of them have helped. W are looking at two suspects […]

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 2 Question#24


Question: Our school colours are blue, green, white and yellow. Each class in the school has a banner painted in two of the four school colours- blue and white, blue and green and so on. If every possible two colour combinations has been used, how many class’s would there be in the school? Predict: I […]

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