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Definitions: Independent and dependent variable, control.


Independent variable: The condition that is changed by a scientist. Changing up the method of an experiment. E.g: putting in 4 cups of sugar instead of 2 cups too make it sweeter. Dependent variable: Measuring what is different and the effects about the changed method. Like the temperature, length, ect. E.g: The cake might be […]

Short story: The Jellysaurus


I woke up in the middle of the night to a big thud. It was coming from the shed out in the backyard. I was scared and very worried and I did not know what to do. But I knew what I had to do and that was to go and check it out. I […]

100WC Week#29


I was very eager to start the big Easter egg hunt that was just about to commence. There were 50 eggs to find and 10 people playing this big tournament. Everybody was ready as the countdown began 3…2…1…GO!!! Everyone was chasing to see were they were going to start off. I started off behind the […]

100WC Week#36


I was sitting in the cold, dark, black alleyway here with my scared friend. We were both hiding behind the rubbish bin that smelt like rotten food. I saw that my friend did not like this and nether did I. We went to sleep on the train on the way to my house but we […]

Spelling Week#9


Activity 1: Write your own definitions for 5 of the list words. Corrosion: A product of corroding, as rust. Impervious: Incapable of being injured or impaired. Permeable: Capable of being permeated. Oxidation: The deposit that forms on the surface of a metal as it oxidized. Galvanizing: To stimulate or treat. Activity 2: Identify which part of […]


The thunderous crowd shook the stadium as everybody cheered as the goal roled into the net behind the keeper. The ball came off the foot of Neymar 10 minuets before the end of the game. The scores were tied 3 all in the world cup final againt Brasil and Argentina. The goal scores were Fred-1, […]

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 8 Question#23


Question: Ian started with the same number of marbles as his brother Francis. After winning 4 marbles from Francis, Ian realises he now has twice as many marbles as his brother. How many marbles dose Ian have now? Predict: I think that I will have to use some of my proberlem solving strategies like test […]

100WC Week#36


Everybody wsa shocked after what had happend to the priceless jewel of mountain drake. It had been found 5 hours after it had fallen off the 7 meter podium it had been sitting on. But it could not have fallen off by itself so suspects were broght in. There was the first suspect James Menrowe, […]

MM Term 2 Sheet 8 Question#23


Question: Liam and his younger sister Rachael are born on the same day of the year, but 5 years apart. There was a total of 25 candels on there cakes last birthday. How old is Rachale. Predict: I think that I will have to use test all possibilities but most of all  make a number […]

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 6 Question#24


Question: Enter a number in each circle so that the number on each line equels the sum of the numbers at each end. Predict: I predct that I will have to use some of my prior knowlage from last week and some of my addition skills. Clarify: Nothing to clarify. Solotion: 1). The first thing […]

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