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Spelling Week 2 Term 3


1.) Please copy your list words into your homework book. 2.) Start your speeches for class masters, if you are not sure with the topic check with your teacher. 3.) Start looking for ideas for your debate topics, the quicker you start this process the better your debate will be when it is your turn. […]

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 2 Question#22


Question: A number of hockey players are standing in a circle. They are evenly spaced and the fourth player is directly opposite to the ninth player. How many hockey players are there. Predict: I predict that I will have to use a bit of addition but mostly test all of the different possibilities. Solution: 1.) […]

Spelling Term 3 Week 1


Activity 1: Copy your group words into your spelling books. Activity 2: Start preparing your speech for class masters. If you are unsure check the topic on Jess’s classroom blog. Activity 3: Start looking for your debate topic, the earlier you begin the easier it will be to win the debate. Activity 4: Chose 4 list words. Write each […]

100WC Week#40


The man was walking in the village as he came up to a library. Everybody in the village was looking at the man because he was not normal. He opened up the door and walked in the library. The man at the counter looked scary looking and I do not think he liked me because […]

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet Question#22


Question: Rugby players numbered 1 to 12 are standing in a circle in numerical order. They are evenly spaced. What number dose the player opposite number 3 were? Predict: I think that I will have to use some of the four operations to figure the question out. Clarify: Nothing to clarify. Solution: 1.) The first […]

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