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100WC Week 23


Bang! Those were the sounds of enemies firing at the Australians. Here we are in world war 1, the most dangerous and frightening place to Be at that time. People were dying everywhere. At once on of the men gets shot in the chest and falls back onto the he couch behind him. The chouch […]

Cricket Captain Application


I strongly believe that I would be a great cricket captain. My first argument to why I would be a great cricket captain is that I am fair. Even though I love to win sports which would mean picking the best and the sportiest people. I make sure that everybody even if they are not […]

B.T.N Bark Canoes


I will be going tell interesting facts about bark canoes and about them being made and their culture. 3 Facts: The Kaurna people from South Australia made absolutely everything out of the plants around them. After white settlement fewer canoes were made and now the only place to see them are in museums. After canoes […]

Behind the news


I am here to tell you a lot about nuclear industries. Nuclear Industries: 3 Recalls: Old people store radiation near there homes. Australia is the only G20 country in the world that dose not use nuclear energy. Australia has a third of the worlds uranium. 2 Understandings: I understand how nuclear is made. I also understand how […]

100 WC Week#22


It looked so delicious. There in the shining light. The golden wrapper reflecting the faint rainbows on the walls. It was like I was in another world.And,in big cursive writing on top of the wrapper was the word sweet. I couldn’t wait to eat it. The first bight would be  like heaven. I started to […]

100WC Week#21 Message in a bottle


…The silence was defining… I could hear nothing. There was not a bird to call, a mouse to squeak, a butterfly to sore. All I can remember are the last calls for help, the shots of guns where still ringing in my ear. I felt weightless like I was floating in thin air. Except I […]

100 WC Week 20


The words that we have to use this week are Sandwich      grey        miserable         hyena            climb WHHHOOOSH!! “The chase is on! The grey hyena is not far behind the sandwich, in a pursuit like no other. What a sight to see. The […]

Letter To My Teacher Jude


I believe that in your classroom I would be one of the most valued members. Firstly, I am a very creative person towards everything I do. From maths to reading, sport to writing. Where ever I go I’m always thinking I’m somewhere else. Like if I am walking in the shopping centre I will imagine […]

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