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Cricket Captain Application


I strongly believe that I would be a great cricket captain.

My first argument to why I would be a great cricket captain is that I am fair. Even though I love to win sports which would mean picking the best and the sportiest people. I make sure that everybody even if they are not sporty are in the even amount of games as everybody else. For example, if an unsporty kid is standing on the sidelines waiting to play a game, I will most of the time switch myself for them so they can have fun and play in the game. This is just one of the many reasons why I would be a great house captain.

Secondly is that I’m a very organised person and make sure that everything works well towards the game. Being organised can sometimes also link to being fair. Being organised can lead you to being a great role model and a leader for other people to look up to. Also, another way I am organised is that I know where everyone needs to be and at what time. My evidence is that last year I did a very good job helping out the cricket captains. This was just another reason why I will be a great cricket captain.

My third and final argument is that I know the rules of cricket. This helps because I know all of the positions on the cricket filed, and I can put people into positions I know they will like and do well in. Also I know when it is time for people on my team to bat and bowl. This can lead to our team winning and having a fun and enjoyable time.

So thies were the best reasons of why I would be a great cricket captain towards my team mates and act as a great leader. I am definitely up for the task.

Do you think I should be cricket captain?

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