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BTN Soccer Kids 10/2/15


Soccer is the worlds most popular sport, and it thies programs that gets kids to play in the big leagues. 3 Facts 1.) A programme called Skillaroos is set up around the country to get kids who want to play soccer into the higher stages. 2.) Australia took home this years Asian Cup. 3.) More […]

100 WC Week# 26


As they turned the corner I was prepared to die. The aliens were after me for years and now they have caught me. They want me for the crimes I committed against  them from destructing the world. Their Ray guns at me which were about to desolve me. The aliens speaking a language I didn’t  understand. […]

Latest immigration (reflection)


In today’s lesson we looked at three main periods of immigration to Australia (link to lee’s classroom) 3 Facts: 1.)People from Africa immigrated because of war and people being killed. 2.)Coming into the country was hard for Africans because Australian government need to know why they came and if they are lying. 3.) Centres were […]

100 WC Week#25


Once long ago in a land called jumundajurii there was a green horse who was a firefighter. He thought he was the best at everything but this day was going to be a challenge for him. It all started in the station just and ordinary day until the phone call came in that there was rabbit stuck […]

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