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BTN Soccer Kids 10/2/15


Soccer is the worlds most popular sport, and it thies programs that gets kids to play in the big leagues.

3 Facts

1.) A programme called Skillaroos is set up around the country to get kids who want to play soccer into the higher stages.

2.) Australia took home this years Asian Cup.

3.) More kids are wanting to play soccer now that Australia have Owen the Asian Cup. Kids also find it loads of fun.

2 Understandings:

1.) I now understand why more kids want to play soccer. It is because Australia won the Asian Cup and the World Cup was not long ago.

2.) I understand why programmes are set up for kids who want to play soccer (Skillaroos). So they can be like the superstars they love and so that they can enjoy a new sport.

1 Question: What gives kids the inspiration to play soccer?

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