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B.T.N(behind the news) Gallipoli


Gallipoli was an event that happened in 1915 and was truly terrible. It took place somewhere in World War 1 and Australia was a big part of it. Here is some information about how it was for the Australian soldiers. 3 Facts: 1.) Gallipoli took place on a Turkish  beach now called ANZAC Cove. That’s […]

100WC Week#29


The torn and ragged map nearly flew out of my hands because of the strong Pacific sea winds. My crew was so tired, barely getting any sleep in the last 48 hours and the rain was absolutely bucketing. You could not see a thing. We were traveling across the pacific so we could head towards Mexico. We […]

eSmart Digital licence reflection


e Smart is a programme that gives kids a better understanding of on-line safety and how to keep private thing secure but also to still have fun on the web. These are some facts about some of the awesome things e Smart can produce. After some time you can gain an e Smart licence. To […]

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