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B.T.N(behind the news) Gallipoli


Gallipoli was an event that happened in 1915 and was truly terrible. It took place somewhere in World War 1 and Australia was a big part of it. Here is some information about how it was for the Australian soldiers.

3 Facts: 1.) Gallipoli took place on a Turkish  beach now called ANZAC Cove. That’s were the Australians first took steps to war. The conditions of the ground were shocking, nothing on the ground was living and very steep hills would close in on them in every turn. The Turkish stood there ground at the top and Australia sadly couldn’t beat them.

2.) Life for the soldiers were seriously tremendous. They would live in cramped out holes in the middle of the battle field. There were also lots and lots of diseases. Loads of the soldiers would die in the trenches from disease. Also they were a bit short of medical assistance so that also lowed the chances of living even more.

3.) Some soldiers if they were lucky and were good at there job they would get a medal or more. The highest medal soldiers could get was a medal called the Victoria Cross. A Victoria Cross is extremely rare to get and to get it you must show an incredible act of bravery. A man called “Teddy Richards” earned himself a Victoria Cross by sacrificing himself to save around 60 people on a boat from the enemy.

2 Understandings: 1.) I now understand why the Australians went to Gallipoli. They went because England was apart of a war and since England and Australia are very well linked, Australia went to help out there fellow country and to help them win the war against the Germans.

2.) My second understanding is now I now why they went to Turkey. They went to Turkey because when Siberia bombed Austria and then Austria bombed Siberia they started a war. So since that Siberia is friends with England and Austria is friends with Germany and Turkey that is why Australia went to go a fight against Turkey.

1 Question: 1.) Why can’t the world just live with each other in peace?

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