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100WC Week#34


She could smell the caramelized toppings as soon as she walked through the door. The strength of the sense was overwhelming but smelt just like heaven. The chocolate smell was amazing. You could almost see the chocolate particles hanging around in the sky. As she walked closer the smell was getting stronger and stronger, she almost […]

Term 1 Topic Reflection


  Hello, my name is Ferris and my project that I did was on Vietnamese immigration. I was partnered up with Jordan and Takee. Here are the things that I had learnt during the project. 3 Facts: 1.) I found out that a total of 90,000 Vietnamese immigrants came to Australia after and during the […]

100 WC Week#33


The snow was up to our knees. We were climbing mount Everest and trying to reach the peak. But the winds were furious. One by one people were falling off the edge to their doom. I kept getting worried that the next person to fall off would be me. At the top we would be […]

B.T.N Gold


3 Facts:  1.) Gold is very valuable and precious but surprisingly there are three types of gold. There is Gold, clet and rose gold. 2.) Gold is measured in carats. The main measurements are 24 carat, 18 carat and 9 carat. 24 carat is pure gold, 18 carat is 75% gold while the rest is […]

100 WC Week#32


I am staying as still as possible. If I make one sudden move I will be eaten by the Giant Bird Quezacotail. It started when I was trying to get the seeds of endless power. I picked one up and started to leave. But this is where the moral of the story comes. As I […]

B.T.N Soccer School 05/06/2014


3 Facts: 1.) There is a school in England that helps soccer lovers learn easier and with every subject they do it evolves soccer. For example in literacy they would try to pretend that they were a soccer player and write an autobiography. 2.) This whole thing started from the club Arsenal who plays in […]

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