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B.T.N Soccer School 05/06/2014


3 Facts: 1.) There is a school in England that helps soccer lovers learn easier and with every subject they do it evolves soccer. For example in literacy they would try to pretend that they were a soccer player and write an autobiography.

2.) This whole thing started from the club Arsenal who plays in the English Premier League. They wanted kids to learn the same subjects as everyone else but in a way they would love.

3.) Soccer is the most know sport in the world. It is watched, played and loved by around 6 billion people. You may think that AFL is a really popular sport but it is not like that in other countries. That is why soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

2 Understandings: 1.) I now know why people would set up something like this. Just imagine your favourite sport and now think that everything you did at school involved that. Arsenal FC have made this possible so people can have more fun and to become more connected with school.

2.) I also understand how this can be good for the kids. Like I said before it gets them more connected with there school work and it will also most likely crazy soccer live there dream in the future and become a professional soccer player.

1.) What gave Arsenal the idea of coming up with this?

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