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Hello, my name is Ferris and my project that I did was on Vietnamese immigration. I was partnered up with Jordan and Takee. Here are the things that I had learnt during the project.

3 Facts: 1.) I found out that a total of 90,000 Vietnamese immigrants came to Australia after and during the Vietnam War. Other immigrants came from other countries during the time from WW2, but during and after the Vietnam war that is when the most immigrants came to Australia at one time from the same country.

2.) Also that many small fishing boats arrive carrying the immigrants that had left their country. The first fishing boat arrived in 1776 and docked in Darwin. It held 4 young men and about 15 other family members. This just says how many people were on the small fishing boats. The boat was called fishing boat KG4475 or unofficially known as Kein Geing.

3.) Lastly I learnt lots about how Vietnamese people survived on the 12 day trip from Vietnam to Australia on the small fishing boats. They surprisingly did not eat fish but what they did eat was rice and lots of dried grains that they had collected from Vietnam before they left.

2 Understandings: 1.) I now understand why the Vietnamese people came here. They came here because of the famous Vietnamese war, and since all of their homes and even towns were destroyed and they wanted to avoid being killed they decided to flee their country. So they came to the closeted and the most wealthy country and that is why they came to Australia.

2.) I now know why Vietnamese people opened their own businesses. They did this because they wanted to get the feeling that they were at home and they wanted to share that with everyone else (like their food). You can still see where the Vietnamese put their shops in Melbourne, normally in the outer streets of Richmond.

1 Question: 1.) Why did they have a civil war in the first place?

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