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eSmart Digital licence reflection


e Smart is a programme that gives kids a better understanding of on-line safety and how to keep private thing secure but also to still have fun on the web. These are some facts about some of the awesome things e Smart can produce. After some time you can gain an e Smart licence.

To get your e Smart licence they will put you to the test (literally), they will give you tests to complete. All of the tests (for you to pass) you must get 80% or over. So lets start learning about e Smart.

Module 1- Digital Devices- 3 Facts: The digital devices module is about how to safely use latest technology. Also how to be safe on-line and what and what not to do on-line.

3 Facts:

1.) Putting a code on your phone is great to do. These codes can be a four digit number code, a motion code or a keyboard code which is where you can type in a word to keep your device secure. It is good to have a code on your device because if you lose it people can not hack in and find out all the personal things about you.

2.) Say you are walking around in a shopping centre and you see and advertisement of an app that looks like you really want. So you open up your phone and you see a list of networks (assessable WiFi) and you see one that is unsecured. Should you click on it? No, because then you can assess there personal details and if you do get into that situation you will most likely be caught and fined.

3.) If your computer gets hot that dose not mean that it has a virus in it. It means that you have been working on your computer for a long time. If a virus dose get into your computer you should know because every time you get a new computer you should really get a virus alarm. This keeps you safe.

2 Understandings:

1.) I now know why networks are secure. It is so that people can not assess your private information and so people can not use up your gigs.

2.) I also understand when going into open websites like Facebook people can easily get hold of details and even money.

1 Question: Why do you need to update your software as frequently as you can


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