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Coober Pedy


Hey everyone and sorry I have not posted in a while. Just to let everybody know that I am in a place called Coober Pedy which is South Australia. This place is wonderful and is famous for all of it’s opals and underground houses. Yes, underground houses, in fact 75% of all people who live here actually live under the ground. Today I went to an underground museum to learn about more opals and about 100 meters into the museum there was a whole jewellery shop dedicated to opals. I saw and opal that was worth $250,000. It was awesome. Next stop, Alice springs.

Update of my life


Hey guys,

Just to let everybody know I will be travelling around Australia for 18 months. I will be posting photos of where I am and I will be updating everyone of we are. Can not wait.


100WC Week#35


As I reached the sweet caramel chocolate cookie I good have almost drowned in excitement and I was chocking on the water in my mouth. I picked it up. It almost fell apart in my hands. The little chocolate chips were crumbling in my hand and was over powering the air in the room. As I opened my mouth, bits of the outer sides of the biscuit were falling off on to the floor. Then there was a crunch. Before I could taste it I imagined how good it would taste. But it made my tongue tingle. It was disgusting.

100WC Week#34


She could smell the caramelized toppings as soon as she walked through the door. The strength of the sense was overwhelming but smelt just like heaven. The chocolate smell was amazing. You could almost see the chocolate particles hanging around in the sky. As she walked closer the smell was getting stronger and stronger, she almost felt like fainting. As she got nearer she could smell a hint of raspberry. But then it grew stronger as as she edged towards the box. She was reaching to untie the ribbon on top of the box. But as she opened the lid…

Term 1 Topic Reflection



Hello, my name is Ferris and my project that I did was on Vietnamese immigration. I was partnered up with Jordan and Takee. Here are the things that I had learnt during the project.

3 Facts: 1.) I found out that a total of 90,000 Vietnamese immigrants came to Australia after and during the Vietnam War. Other immigrants came from other countries during the time from WW2, but during and after the Vietnam war that is when the most immigrants came to Australia at one time from the same country.

2.) Also that many small fishing boats arrive carrying the immigrants that had left their country. The first fishing boat arrived in 1776 and docked in Darwin. It held 4 young men and about 15 other family members. This just says how many people were on the small fishing boats. The boat was called fishing boat KG4475 or unofficially known as Kein Geing.

3.) Lastly I learnt lots about how Vietnamese people survived on the 12 day trip from Vietnam to Australia on the small fishing boats. They surprisingly did not eat fish but what they did eat was rice and lots of dried grains that they had collected from Vietnam before they left.

2 Understandings: 1.) I now understand why the Vietnamese people came here. They came here because of the famous Vietnamese war, and since all of their homes and even towns were destroyed and they wanted to avoid being killed they decided to flee their country. So they came to the closeted and the most wealthy country and that is why they came to Australia.

2.) I now know why Vietnamese people opened their own businesses. They did this because they wanted to get the feeling that they were at home and they wanted to share that with everyone else (like their food). You can still see where the Vietnamese put their shops in Melbourne, normally in the outer streets of Richmond.

1 Question: 1.) Why did they have a civil war in the first place?

100 WC Week#33


The snow was up to our knees. We were climbing mount Everest and trying to reach the peak. But the winds were furious. One by one people were falling off the edge to their doom. I kept getting worried that the next person to fall off would be me. At the top we would be free and we would feel like the king of the world. The snow was getting deeper and deeper as I tried to survive. Just then I heard a scream from the group. An avalanche was coming. Let’s just see if I can survive this one.

B.T.N Gold


3 Facts:  1.) Gold is very valuable and precious but surprisingly there are three types of gold. There is Gold, clet and rose gold.

2.) Gold is measured in carats. The main measurements are 24 carat, 18 carat and 9 carat. 24 carat is pure gold, 18 carat is 75% gold while the rest is mainly copper. And 9 carat is only 35% gold and is the cheapest to bye.

3.) Gold is a very valuable substance and is put in the very important hands of jewellers to make things such as gold rings. And they get paid a lot.

2 Understandings: 1.) Now I know why people make gold things. It is because the people who bye it want other people to think that they have lots of money and it makes them look good.

2.)Now  I also see why people would want to become a jeweller. It is mostly because they can handle things such as gold, diamonds and other very special items

1 Question: 1.) Why do people even look for gold in the first place?

100 WC Week#32


I am staying as still as possible. If I make one sudden move I will be eaten by the Giant Bird Quezacotail. It started when I was trying to get the seeds of endless power. I picked one up and started to leave. But this is where the moral of the story comes. As I began to leave I thought that one was not enough and I needed more to sell. So I turned back and began shoving more and more in my hands. That’s when the bird showed up. Now I’m here about to be eaten

Don’t ever be greedy.

B.T.N Soccer School 05/06/2014


3 Facts: 1.) There is a school in England that helps soccer lovers learn easier and with every subject they do it evolves soccer. For example in literacy they would try to pretend that they were a soccer player and write an autobiography.

2.) This whole thing started from the club Arsenal who plays in the English Premier League. They wanted kids to learn the same subjects as everyone else but in a way they would love.

3.) Soccer is the most know sport in the world. It is watched, played and loved by around 6 billion people. You may think that AFL is a really popular sport but it is not like that in other countries. That is why soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

2 Understandings: 1.) I now know why people would set up something like this. Just imagine your favourite sport and now think that everything you did at school involved that. Arsenal FC have made this possible so people can have more fun and to become more connected with school.

2.) I also understand how this can be good for the kids. Like I said before it gets them more connected with there school work and it will also most likely crazy soccer live there dream in the future and become a professional soccer player.

1.) What gave Arsenal the idea of coming up with this?

B.T.N(behind the news) Gallipoli


Gallipoli was an event that happened in 1915 and was truly terrible. It took place somewhere in World War 1 and Australia was a big part of it. Here is some information about how it was for the Australian soldiers.

3 Facts: 1.) Gallipoli took place on a Turkish  beach now called ANZAC Cove. That’s were the Australians first took steps to war. The conditions of the ground were shocking, nothing on the ground was living and very steep hills would close in on them in every turn. The Turkish stood there ground at the top and Australia sadly couldn’t beat them.

2.) Life for the soldiers were seriously tremendous. They would live in cramped out holes in the middle of the battle field. There were also lots and lots of diseases. Loads of the soldiers would die in the trenches from disease. Also they were a bit short of medical assistance so that also lowed the chances of living even more.

3.) Some soldiers if they were lucky and were good at there job they would get a medal or more. The highest medal soldiers could get was a medal called the Victoria Cross. A Victoria Cross is extremely rare to get and to get it you must show an incredible act of bravery. A man called “Teddy Richards” earned himself a Victoria Cross by sacrificing himself to save around 60 people on a boat from the enemy.

2 Understandings: 1.) I now understand why the Australians went to Gallipoli. They went because England was apart of a war and since England and Australia are very well linked, Australia went to help out there fellow country and to help them win the war against the Germans.

2.) My second understanding is now I now why they went to Turkey. They went to Turkey because when Siberia bombed Austria and then Austria bombed Siberia they started a war. So since that Siberia is friends with England and Austria is friends with Germany and Turkey that is why Australia went to go a fight against Turkey.

1 Question: 1.) Why can’t the world just live with each other in peace?

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