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100WC Week#21 Message in a bottle


…The silence was defining…

I could hear nothing. There was not a bird to call, a mouse to squeak, a butterfly to sore. All I can remember are the last calls for help, the shots of guns where still ringing in my ear. I felt weightless like I was floating in thin air. Except I couldn’t feel the light breeze. I couldn’t stop looking at the shimmering in the distance. There were millions of them, twinkling like little……stars. That’s when it came to me. This is why I’m writing this. A note for life out there to read. Like sending a message in a bottle.

100 WC Week 20


The words that we have to use this week are

Sandwich      grey        miserable         hyena            climb

“The chase is on! The grey hyena is not far behind the sandwich, in a pursuit like no other. What a sight to see. The hyena, on all four of its pouncing legs, chasing after something that is truly amazing, even to move – the sandwich. Also what a lovely setting for this race today! Isn’t it Bob?”
“Yes it is, and now we are approaching the rock stage.”
“Yes. Now we see the sandwich on a climb, desperately, to save his life. The hyena’s looking extremely tired, so what an effort for the Sandwich.”
“Oooohhhhh! What have we here? The hyena is down and the Sandwich wins! The hyena is looking miserable.”

Letter To My Teacher Jude


I believe that in your classroom I would be one of the most valued members.

Firstly, I am a very creative person towards everything I do. From maths to reading, sport to writing. Where ever I go I’m always thinking I’m somewhere else. Like if I am walking in the shopping centre I will imagine I am in an enchanted garden or the fiery depths of hell. I find this a way to get away from all of the boring and ordinary things around me and to just let my mind flow free. More evidence on how I am creative is that in year 2 I opened a book store with a couple of my friends in the classroom. We also wrote all of the books we sold. This just goes to show how creative I am and can be.

Secondly I would like to state that may second ability to be a great athlete and have a great sporting ability. I’m a great soccer player and I enjoy the fact that you can run around everywhere outside and still have fun. This also means that I am fit and healthy which I am. Not only being good at sport but knowing the rules of different types of sport means that I can teach people the rules of them when they are unsure. This was just another of the many different reasons why I am great to have in your classroom.

My third and final argument of why I am great to have to your class are my people skills. I just love working collaboratively with lots of different people. I enjoy working with them to achieve a task and also like it when everybody gets involved. Working together is a way for people to she there ideas and for them to be herd. Also along the lines of this, I am a great leader. Being a good leader means that people in a group can look up to me when felling unsure.

So Jude, These are just some of the very best reasons why you would love to have me in your class. I’m creative sporty and great working with people and this how I will become a valued member in the classroom.

Solar energy


What is the environmental impact for this energy source?

Solar does not produce air pollution, water pollution and dose not create greenhouse gases. They can impact environment because when they are made they use toxic materials. They also clear  land space to build solar factories and to build solar farms and leave animals without a habitat or reduced.

Who uses this energy source?

Families, commercials, industrial factories and office buildings

Why might they use this energy source?

To heat water because they live in distant places

Plus Minus Interesting
It is renewable and it will not run out.

It is a good source of power for people who live in different places.

It’s cheap to run.

Toxic products are used to make them.

They clear habitats to make solar farms.

Clearing habitats has an impact on animals.

They do not make greenhouse gases.

Solar energy is completely free.

Germany is the highest user of solar energy.

This is my dream bike.



Spelling Week 7


Activity 1: Choose 3 words and write a text to self and text to world to each of them.

Temperature: Self: I spend time outside which is in the temperature.

World: The temperature on Earth is increasing.

Vitamin: Self: I take a vitamin every morning.

World: When people go to the hospital people take vitamins.

Carbon Dioxide: I breath out carbon dioxide.

World: Everybody breaths out carbon dioxide.

100 Word challenge.


He was shocked to find a… human. He was the night zoo keeper. Nulth the bad guy sliced the bag open to revel the night zoo keeper. The zoo keeper was scared but he was a very courageous. He was pulled out of the sack and was put into a dungeon by Nulth. He was so determined to get him self out. So he dug a hole and made a tunnel under the dungeon and got out. He sprinted over the hills and was so happy to get himself out. Then he said to himself. I will change this dark world once and forever.

The amount of greenhouse gases my family uses.


Blue: A typical household.

Green: Is a good green household.

Red: My family.

Ferris Greenhouse survey

Spelling Week 6


Activity 1: Define 5 words using a dictionary and say if it is a noun, verb,ect.

1.) Antarctica: An icy landscape below Australia, and it is a noun because it is a place.

2.) Territory: A part of land under there own ruler, and it is a noun.

3.) Alliance: A close association with a common goal, and is a noun.

4.) Conditional: Getting something good after working hard for it, and it is a adjective

5.) Accommodate: To do a favor, and is a transitive verb.

Activity 2: 1.) Antarctica has no plural and dose not change.

2.) Territory changes to territories. Rule: Drop the why and add ies.

3.) Alliance changes to alliances. Rule: Just add the s.

4.) Conditional nose not have a plural.

5.) Accommodate dose  not have a plural.

6.) Expedition changes to expeditions. Rule: Add an s.

7.) Recommendation changes to recommendations. Rule: Just add an s.

8.) Researcher changes to researches. Rule: Just add the s.

9.) Stationed has no plural so it is the same.

10.) Specialized has no plural so it is the same.

Activity 3: Put the homophones bellow in their right sentence.

There, their and they’re:

1.) There: The crime seen happened over there.

2.) Their: It was their book.

3.) They’re: They’re all going to the movie on Saturday.

Two, to and too.

1.) Two: There were two cats in the house.

2.) To: I went to go to the park.

3.) Too: I went to the zoo too.

Fair and fare.

1.)Fare: This soccer match was fare.

2.) Fair: When I went to the fair I went on the slide.

Where, wear and we,re.

1.)Where: I forgot where I put my apple.

2.)Wear: I liked to wear my new shoes.

3.) We’re: We’re did I put my socks.

Practice and practise:

1.) Practise: My coach says that practice makes perfect.

2.) Practice: I went to the doctors practice to get some medicine.


Maths Mate Term 4 Week 6 Question#23


Question: The digit sum for 195 is 1+9+5, or 15. The digit sum for 200 is 2+0+0, or 2. Find the two consecutive numbers that have digit sums of 27 and 1.

Predict: The strategy that I will use is test all of the possibilities.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Solution;1.) 1 was easy because all I had to do was come up with a sum that equaled 1 and put it in a number, the answer was 100.

2.) The next number has to sequel 27 so I just used my times tables for this one.

3.) I just thought of a sum that equaled 27. I came up with 9x9x9=27.

4.) So the number was obviously 999.

Summary: The challenge was to complete the worded sentence correctly.

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